M.H., WAYNE, PA  ›  OCT. 11, 2006

How rare it is to say, but what a pleasure it was having you and your crew handling our kitchen renovation. Your people are talented, trustworthy, dependable and smart. We feel our faith has been renewed and that there are some good people out there in your industry.

With your crew, we always felt like we were in good hands. Dave Muska, as supervisor of the project, made the job a piece of cake on our end. He was hard working, talented and guided us through many confusing decisions with great skill. Patrick, as Dave’s right hand man, was dependable and talented. He not only put-up with our crazy dog who would always steal his things (including his lunch!) but was always happy to see her. All of the sub-contractors were terrific as well, especially John, Taras and Bob. We will actually miss seeing all these faces in our house – they were a pleasure to have and will always be welcome back.

We love our new kitchen. It looks beautiful and exceeded our expectations. We know the successful outcome of the project is due in large part to RKA’s attention to detail, good craftsmanship and hard work. The same walls, cabinets, paint, knobs, moldings, arch etc… could be put in by someone else and not have the same results – great work!

Thank you so very much!

– M.H., Wayne, PA

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